We’re moving to Austin, Texas!

The plan is to leave by May 31st, 2011. That gives us just 91 days left in ol’ Indiana.

So what’s this site about? It’s about trying to raise extra funds for our move. Moving across the country is far from cheap. So we need all the extra help we can get.

Are you wondering where you come in? Well, that’s right about now. To help raise funds, we’re offering our services! And by services, I mean creating a custom piece of artwork just for you.

Each small piece will be handcrafted by both of us with you in mind. No two pieces will be alike. The minimum donation we ask for is $10 – but you can offer as much as you’d like, as many times as you’d like. Keep one for yourself, and give one to a friend!

We will be cataloging each piece as it is ordered, therefore first one in is first one out and is numbered “1” of the series and so on & so forth. As we complete orders, they will be posted on this blog in numerical order. Not only will you be contributing to our moving fund, you will also be contributing to this project.

Interested in ordering? Well, head on over to the ordering page.


One response to “home

  1. Hi Kate! Joe and I got a new place at 52 & Primrose, and we are actually hitting up a bunch of our artist friends to help us decorate our new home! It’s perfect timing that you’re doing something like this!

    We move in April, and we’ll be paying rent at two places for that month…funds will be tight, but we’d love to pay you for a decent sized piece (or two?!). We should be able to afford something in May. Get back with me and we can talk ideas!

    Hope you’re well. I’m so excited you’re getting out of here!

    xx Nikki

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