Tuesday, March 1

The page has been up for a little over 24 hours, and we’ve already gotten our first round of orders!

We’ve learned a few things in those hours – like we shouldn’t have created a facebook event. So that’s been taken down.

Also, please note that the only details that you need to give us are the ones we ask for on theordering page. If you’d prefer a specific custom piece, don’t hesitate to ask us! We can more than likely work something out.

We are also going to incorporate a paypal donation button! We ask that you please use this button to order your piece. If you’d prefer to pay with cash/check, send us an email with the order details and we will work something out.

There are more samples of artwork going up on each of our pages. This will help you grasp a better idea of the piece you receive. It will be a mesh of our two styles.

Thanks to all of those that have ordered so far! We’re super stoked to start on the project pieces!


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