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Piece number 4 is DONE! This is a creation for Charity. She is one of the most interesting and amazing women that I’ve ever met in my life. She likes a lot of nerdy things like cats and astronomy. I got to give this to her over drunken trivia at Red Lion Grog House with a few other friends, we argued with the dude running the game about the fact the a vegan lifestyle falls under vegetarianism. He knows more than we do, because apparently just because you are VEGAN doesn’t mean you are VEGETARIAN. Anyways….



And right on the tail of piece number 2, is the third one! This was also at request of Matt. It’s a good thing a lot of people like dogs, cause we do too!


Piece number 2 is now complete! This is a creation for Matt Aull. He is a pretty amazing dude that is into bikes, records, and veganism. I work with him on IndyVegans and hope to see him for tacos (at least once) before we leave.


Finally, our first piece is done! This was actually an all Mamus! piece done for a long-time, dear friend of his. Note the Primus references.